Neurofeedback may be able to resolve your symptoms.

You may feel as though you have tried everything to manage your symptoms; however, if you have not tried neurofeedback, there may still be hope. Rocky Mountain Neurofeedback, LLC offers this innovative treatment in Greenwood Village, CO (Cherry Creek North).

Neurofeedback has been shown to successfully reduce or eliminate the symptoms of trauma/developmental trauma, hypervigilant behaviors, rumination, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders/issues, stress, addictions/cravings, concussion/brain injury, memory issues, brain fog, and anger/rage. Additionally, if you are not struggling with particular symptoms, certain protocols can improve your peak performance!

Is neurofeedback training right for you?

Before you begin neurofeedback training, you will want to receive thorough information on the process and how it may work with your individual symptoms/goals. Therefore, we offer a free initial consultation. We will not only explain neurofeedback, but we will help you determine whether neurofeedback training is right for you and how it may assist with your particular symptoms. You may be a good candidate for neurofeedback training if:

  • You have a history of trauma or developmental trauma.
  • You have trouble with concentration and focus.
  • You find that you are consistently ruminating on things.
  • You have noticed that you struggle with anger, rage, frustration, and/or irritability.
  • You feel consistently anxious or hyper-alert.
  • You have noticed that you struggle with feeling blue or depressed.
  • You are concerned about a current issue of addiction or feel that something is becoming an addiction.
  • You have sleep issues, such as sleep onset, sleep quality, not feeling rested, or consistent feelings of fatigue.
  • You have suffered a concussion or brain injury.
  • You have trouble with your short-term or long-term memory.
  • You feel consistently “stressed out.”
  • You feel that you have a sort of “brain fog.”
  • You feel that you are not moving forward in your personal counseling.


Contact us now to schedule your free consultation.


Our neurofeedback specialist, Rebecca Hawkins, MA, LPCC, CAC I, is highly qualified to work with clients. She has over nine years of experience and focuses on providing exceptional care. When you come to our neurofeedback specialist, your treatment will be pain-free and noninvasive. Additionally, you will receive up-to-date information on your progress and treatment plan as needed throughout your training. You will know exactly what to expect, making the entire process more comfortable.

Visit our neurofeedback clinic in Greenwood Village today. Our clinic serves clients in the Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas from Castle Rock to Brighton and Lakewood to Aurora.

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