To get a Rebecca Hawkins, LPCC, MA, CAC I, in an adult professional woman, combine integrity, authenticity, raw perseverance in the face of extreme adversity, and a metric ton of passion. Monitor the progress of the mixture under the guidance of one pillar in the neurofeedback community, Dr. Yvonne Tate. When education reaches Master's degree, reduce heat to a simmering internship of 16 months. Decant forty-nine cubic feet of distilled empathy (forty-eight if it's before her morning cup of caffeine or behind the wheel when there are slow drivers in the fast lane) and transfer the mixture into a prepared armchair. When cooled, section into bite-sized sixty-minute sessions. Apply directly to a unique treatment plan designed to see that individuals achieve the finest version of themselves. Rebecca is always best served with a healthy dose of neurofeedback applied with expertise, compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Specializing in:

Trauma/Developmental Trauma

Hypervigilant Behaviors






Sleep Disorders/Issues


Concussion/Brain Injury

Memory Issues

Brain Fog


Peak Performance