I had a lot of depression, attention issues, and some suicidal thoughts. Rebecca helped me understand that my poor childhood experiences were the cause of these symptoms. She connected me with an excellent trauma therapist, then worked closely with my therapist during my neurofeedback treatment.

The neurofeedback treatment is time consuming and somewhat pricey; however, it's results are undeniable.

I am feeling much better now, which is largely due to Rebecca coordinating my care and her strong neurofeedback skills. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, while remaining friendly, down to earth, and very easy to talk to about hard things.

I would strongly recommend her.

Cicada 3301

I was having trouble concentrating. not being able to complete thoughts or carry conversations because I would lose my place. this was getting to be normal for me and nothing seemed to help. i tried neurfeedback as a hail mary and was amazed to see gains so quickly (especially later on as they lasted longer and now i won't have to endlessly keep coming back to maintain). I'm currently pulling A's and B's in my college classes where i was completely failing them before, and even though I'm no chatterbox i can keep up where i couldn't before. it feels like i have my brain back and that's more than i ever would have thought to ask for when i walked in.

thank you so much, Rebecca.

R. Wrath

When I first met Rebecca I was desperate to find relief from a debilitating phobia. Her knowledge on neuroscience and her ability to make the right decisions on protocols is expertly timed. Treating the brain is not something to leave to the inexperienced, and Rebecca's care and attention are exactly what I was looking for. I will continue to recommend her again and again.

Brittany D

Rebecca has been instrumental in helping me identify the source of and eliminate my anxiety. I did not fully understand the cause, depth, and breadth of my anxiety; nor, the neurofeedback process. It is a fairly involved process; however, it was the absolute best thing I've done for myself and ultimately, my friends, family, and colleagues.

Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and thorough.

Adde Murrieta

Had abdominal migraines, or cyclical vomiting syndrome, for 10 years. Had extreme episodes ever month and it controlled my life. After starting this therapy I have not had an episode in over 7 months. Changed my life. Really helps with anxiety and my need to use substances to cope with emotions and life events. Highly recommend checking this out; I was skeptical at first, but the outcomes have been obviously present!

Ryan Farr

I am so thankful for RMN! I knew I battled depression my whole life, but never knew how much of that was anxiety...crippling anxiety, until my first few sessions of Neurofeedback. I am able to sleep through the night now which makes simple daily tasks less difficult. The brain fog and overwhelm is so much less and I am living a better, more fulfilling, and more productive life because of it. As we continue on with different protocols, I finally feel like we are fixing the problem. Other therapies just put a bandaid on it. I believe in getting to the source. It is definitely an investment of time and money, but I am worth it and am thankful for Rebecca and Autumn for what they do. If you have struggled with depression and anxiety, if you have head traumas and/or adverse childhood traumas...Neurofeedback could be the answer for you, too.

Angie Shafer

This has helped my anxiety, depression, and ADD. It is all natural, and Rebecca is one of the most wise counselors I've ever spoken with. They really go above and beyond, and have worked countless hours to accommodate my crazy work schedule. They know what they're doing and sincerly care for their patients

Ryan Henry

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